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Professional Mentoring, Coaching or Consulting
Feasibility Study
Global Product Launch
Business Plan Development
Fractionalized C-Suite

1. Professional Mentoring, Coaching or Consulting
Introductory Professional Mentoring for One Month, 2 – 45 minute sessions, Zoom, phone/email access $300 USD
- One on One Mentoring – $300/hour  – phone, Zoom or Phone ( 
- Email Mentoring – 10 emails/ month $200
- Monthly Mentoring – unlimited email/phone support plus 2 one hour Zoom sessions $1500/month

2. Feasibility Study
The ultimate way to find out if your business will be successful or not. We analyze, scrutinize and document all of the options to international standards. TBD

3. Business Plan Development 
We work with what you have or develop a Business Plan from scratch, from Vision to Financial Statements. We develop strategies from sales, marketing, financing and will analyze your business then implement a plan based on existing as well as new information. From $8000 USD

4. Global Product Launch
Social Media Networking analysis, campaign formulation and implementation. From $10,000/mo

5. Fractionalized C-Suite
Ten hours per month, advice, support as an embedded Senior Executive. From $6000 USD 

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