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Bizzo Management is a Vancouver, Canada-based business with global partners providing start-up business guidance and resources to entrepreneurs with exciting ideas, the passion to complete it and the skills to put it together. We have a cohort of skilled coaches/advisors who believe the economy of the world lies in the future of our young entrepreneurs.
Bizzo has mentored over 1000 business leaders, investors and new entrepreneurs and has the background and skill required to help new entrepreneurs develop their ideas and help them take that idea to fruition.

Bizzo Management Group began in 2000 with a goal was to provide support to entrepreneurs through mentorship, counselling and coaching. Since 2000, we have mentored  over 1000 business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs.

Mentoring, Coaching or Consulting?
The difference is all in the approach

Mentoring is when someone with seniority offers informal advice to someone with less experience
Some entrepreneurs require a low-key, hands-on-your-shoulder type of support like mentoring. Gary has provided mentoring to numerous graduate Business Schools in British Columbia and Richard Branson’s Entrepreneur Centre in Jamaica working with young people looking to become an entrepreneur.

Coaching requires developing the client’s abilities to solve a problem themselves using a wide range of tools, such as goal setting and accountability. However, consulting involves helping the client solve their own problems. Coaches work with clients in a measured structured collaborative process. Coaching can help turn an entrepreneur into a great leader.

Consulting, on the other hand, provides that much-needed expertise and assistance needed when someone does know what they don’t know. It designed for quickly taking a business to the next level. We’ve shadowed’ CEO’s, who, afraid to make the wrong decisions hired us as backup before they presented crucial work to their partners. You hire us, we do the work & we are done!

About the CEO:
  Gary C. Bizzo has 40 years experience in fulfilling the growing needs of business. He ran a Commercial Photography business with an international reputation, Marketing /Business Consultancy and was an Internet Webmaster. His boutique advertising agency provided custom services to a wide variety of businesses for 10 years & Bizzo Management since 2000.

Bizzo ran two business incubators for 13 years including KickStart, a business incubator, accelerator & Venture Capital company where a like-minded community of entrepreneurs with innovative ideas were nurtured and supported through workshops, bootcamps, mentoring, executives in residence and financing options.

Bizzo is a Weekly Writer at, “The Largest Financial Platform for Emerging Growth Companies” with 180+ articles on startups and disruptive technologies since 2015. His articles deal with startups, entrepreneurs, disruptive technologies and bio/med tech . He knows his stuff because he ‘has been there & done that.’

He was a Partner at Equifaira Advisors Inc. – Liquidity Event Planners. He is a specialist in strategy & execution, corporate finance, capital formation & investor relations.

Bizzo typically works with early growth Startups in the tech industry but is equally comfortable working with Fortune 500 companies..
Would you trust your company’s future with someone that experienced.

Don’t let your business die because you were afraid to ask for help!

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